Annual Lease & Properties 2024 Rules & Regulations

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2024 Rules and Regulations

-LAKEWOOD CAMPING RESORT, INC. (“Lakewood”) has established the following Rules and Regulations for Lakewood Camping Resort (the “Rules”), which are an integral part of each Annual Site Lease Agreement (“Lease”). According to the terms and provisions of each Lease, all lessees, family members, guests and visitors (the “Lessee”) agree to abide by the Rules, as amended, during the term of the Lease. LAKEWOOD reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify, amend or change the Rules at any time without written notice. All changes will be posted in and may be obtained from the LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES sales office. Violation of any of the Rules is a default under the Lease and in the event of a default Lakewood is entitled to all remedies at law including those expressly stated in the Lease.

Please note that Lakewood Camping Resort no longer includes picnic tables in annual leases. No tables will be replaced nor provided for new leases or renewals. Anyone caught taking or trading for new tables will be fined a penalty to compensate the price of the picnic tables. You may purchase a new table from Lakewood Camping Resort for $250.00.

Please note that new or additional changes are highlighted in blue.
Please note that changes from last years rules are highlighted in red.
The following are the Rules applicable to LAKEWOOD CAMPING RESORT, effective the date shown below:


A. Annual Leases. LAKEWOOD CAMPING RESORT is a private camping resort for families. All Leases are on a calendar year basis only and expire on December 31st of each year, unless terminated earlier as authorized in the Lease. LAKEWOOD reserves the right in its absolute and sole discretion to enter into a subsequent Lease. Each Lease contains an express acknowledgement that it is for a stated term and that no representation has been made regarding its renewal or extension. The annual lease fee includes site lease, garbage collection, and cable service which includes up to 2 digital boxes. It is the responsibility of Lessee to pick up and return digital boxes to the cable service provider in the event unit is sold. The fee is payable in full prior to the commencement of the lease term and is based upon occupancy by a family of seven (7) persons or less. People under the age of 25 and minors must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian. In the event the Lease is in the name of a business, partnership, corporation or similar entity, each officer, partner or member, up to a maximum of five (5) people, will be considered a family. No lot or unit may be subleased. Lessee must have site numbers posted on their sites in 4 inch or larger numbers for easy viewing from the roadways. There is a $50.00 fee charged if you do not have them installed and Lakewood Camping Resort will install them.

B. Overnight Guests. It is the responsibility of the Lessee or authorized guest to register visitors staying overnight at the Lakewood Registration Office. A guest pass will be issued at time of registration. Proof of identification and vehicle license plate number will be required. An unregistered guest will be considered trespassing. Overnight vehicle pass requests over the phone will only be taken for Lessee or authorized guests in the event that said person will be arriving after business hours. A one night temporary pass will be left at the Security Station. Lessee or authorized guest will be required to stop by the Lakewood Registration Office and complete registration.

C. Day visitors. Vehicle day passes for visitors will only be given to Lessee or authorized guests on family list. Proof of identification and vehicle license plate number will be required for all requests. Please remember that visitors are not allowed when the campground is at full capacity.

D. Other Occupants. Family members other than Owner, Owner’s Parents, Owner’s Children, Owner’s Grandchildren & Owner’s Brothers/Sisters as well as friends using a unit during periods when the Lessee is not present must provide written authorization from Lessee upon check-in and must register and pay one-half (1/2) the regular daily camping fee for each day of their stay. Lakewood Camping Resort does not manage nor does it permit the outside rental of a private unit on a leased site and nothing in these Rules shall be construed as authorizing the rental of any private unit. Any unauthorized rental of lessee’s unit will result in the immediate termination of lessee’s Lakewood Camping Resort Annual Site Lease Agreement.
E. Annual Lease Application. Lessee is required to provide Lakewood Camping Resort with the names of spouse, parents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, who are authorized access to lessee’s unit. Once lessee’s application has been submitted, no other changes will be permitted till the following year. ANYONE NOT LISTED ON THE FAMILY LIST WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE PARK UNLESS THE LESSEE, IN PERSON, GETS THEM A CAR PASS. OVER THE PHONE AND EMAIL REQUESTS WILL NOT BE GRANTED.

F. Lakewood Mailbox. Possible changes are coming for Lakewood Mailboxes and the Lakewood Package Center.


A. Approval of Units. Camping units must be approved in writing as to type, appearance, construction, color, and design by LAKEWOOD, which reserves the right in its absolute discretion to approve or disapprove a unit, including for aesthetic purposes only. All units must be of good appearance and sound construction. Tip-out rooms by manufacturer are allowed if lot size permits. NO unit may exceed 40-feet in length. Mobile homes are not permitted, including those converted into camping units. Prior to approval of a unit, Lessee shall provide LAKEWOOD with a current and accurate picture and specifications of the unit.

B. Set-Up Guidelines. No camping unit shall be placed on a lot unless the unit complies with or exceeds all applicable governmental regulations. The responsibility for complying with all requirements and regulations is solely that of the Lessee and LAKEWOOD shall have no responsibility whatsoever. The placement of a unit on a lot shall include adequate provisions for required parking. The minimum setback requirements for a typical unit placement are: (i) 5′ from the rear assigned lot line; (ii) 10′ from the front assigned lot line; (iii) 5′ from the porch/door side assigned lot line, and; (iv) 2′ from the non-porch assigned lot line. These setbacks are subject to change depending on the specific site. Lessee will provide LAKEWOOD with an easement to reflect each setback guideline listed above. In the event that LAKEWOOD, Santee Cooper or other utility companies need access to replace, repair or perform maintenance on any utility lines, any structure (whether that be pavers, concrete, storage building, etc.) or personal property, that is within the easement will be removed at the expense of the Lessee. LAKEWOOD will NOT be responsible for replacing or repairing any item located within the easement setback.

C. Decks. Decks are required on all units and must be approved according to the following specifications:

1. Decks must be constructed either by the owner of the camping unit or a builder which has been approved by LAKEWOOD. Prior to constructing a deck, specifications and approval must be obtained from the LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES office. Permits from Horry County are the responsibility of the Lessee.

2. Decks must only be constructed of treated lumber (natural wood or composite material is permitted) and must be skirted with vinyl skirting. All decks must be approved before painting.

3. The maximum allowable width of a deck shall be 12 feet; provided; however, in no event may the combined width of the deck and camping unit exceed 22 feet. Parking space and setback requirements must be taken into consideration.

4. A railing must be constructed at the time the deck is built unless a screen room will be installed within two weeks thereafter. The railing design must be compatible with the deck and must comply with all applicable building codes and requirements.

5. No appliance or other unsightly items may be kept on the deck.

D. Sheds. Due to the limited space of some sites, the use of a storage shed on all Annual Lease sites cannot be guaranteed. Space permitting: only one (6 x 8 maximum) shed is allowed per site unless otherwise approved by LAKEWOOD. This shed must either be a Leonard manufactured shed or an approved similar metal sided, which must match the color of the camping unit. All sheds must be approved and a permit issued by LAKEWOOD prior to construction. All other types of sheds may be subject to removal from the resort. All existing sheds that have been placed within 3 feet of meter line must be moved off line.

E. Fences. Fences are NOT allowed. A fence is defined as a structure serving as an enclosure, a barrier, or a boundary, usually made of posts or stakes joined together by boards, wire, rails or rope. Driveway posts and chains will be permitted as long as they follow the guidelines set forth hereafter and any additional guidelines set forth by the Annual Lease office, but must be approved by the Annual Lease office prior to installation. Posts must be white, square, no taller than 36”, and have pyramid caps. Chains must be white and only attached to posts. Chains are not permitted to be attached to trees or the unit. If Lessee does not comply with the aforementioned requirements, Lessee shall be warned by the Annual Lease office and given 14 days to correct the posts and chains.

F. Lawns and Landscaping. All lots must be kept clean and the lawns mowed. Plants and bushes are not to be placed near cable or power boxes. All trees located on a site must be trimmed and maintained of the site by each Lessee. This includes any canopy or limb that hangs over site line from another site. If it is on the Lessee’s site, it is the responsibility of the Lessee. However, no tree shall be trimmed, cut or removed without the express written permission of the Lakewood Annual Lease office. No gravel or rock of any kind is permitted for landscape purposes or under the unit. Any units with gravel or rocks prior to December 31, 2021 will be “grandfathered” in, but no additional rocks/gravel will be allowed. All units with gravel or rocks in place prior to the date aforementioned will be documented by the Annual Lease office. The Annual Lease Office will monitor sites for violations and if a violation is found, the Lessee will be warned and provided with 14 days to comply by removing the gravel or rocks. If said gravel or rocks are not removed after 14 days, the Lessee will be fined $50.00 per week until the rocks or gravel are removed from the site. Lawns not properly maintained, as determined by LAKEWOOD, will be given 48 hours to comply and then fined $50/week if it has not been cut. LAKEWOOD will no longer cut violation lawns unless requested, in writing, by the Lessee. The only outdoor carpet approved by LAKEWOOD is TrafficMaster Fescue Multipurpose Artificial Grass Carpet. The ANNUAL LEASE OFFICE can provide the exact Model # and information.

G. Outdoor furniture, grills, firepits. Outdoor furniture, grills, fire pits or other personal property must be kept in good repair. No unsightly items shall be stored outside of unit on site. Please remove all broken or damaged furniture, grills or firepits. Disposal of said items is the responsibility of the Lessor and the same will not be picked up by Lakewood. Firepits must follow any burn bans in place.

H. Pop-up Tents. Pop-up tents are only allowed while Lessee or guests are occupying the site. When Lessee or guests leave the site, any pop-up tents or nonpermanent tents must be taken down and properly secured inside your unit or in a Lakewood approved shed.

I. Garbage Collection. All Lessees have been provided with a trash and recycle container. Containers must stay in lot and may not be removed from Lakewood property. All garbage must be place in trash bags and tied prior to placement in your trash container. Loose garbage in container is prohibited. Furniture & appliances will not be picked up by Lakewood Sanitation Employees; it is the responsibility of the Lessee. Any trash from vendor services such as yard maintenance and construction debris is to be removed by vendor providing those services. Upon a sale or transfer of a unit containers must be left on lot and cleaned out for new Lessee.

J. Clotheslines. Only a retractable or an umbrella type clothesline is allowed on a lot. All clothes lines must be completely removed when the unit is not occupied or when there are no clothes on the line.

K. Weather Preparedness. In the event of a hurricane, flood and/or other severe weather it is the Lessee’s responsibility to ensure that their unit is secured and all outside furniture, grills, yard décor etc. are also properly stored and secure. After a hurricane or other severe weather you may call LAKEWOOD to inquire as to the extent of any subsequent damage and if any restrictions have been put in place. It is the Lessee’s sole responsibility to evaluate and assess the damage to their unit. LAKEWOOD assumes no responsibility for damages to any unit within the park due to acts of nature.

L. Hot Tubs/Pools/Kiddie Pools. Hot tubs and above ground pools are no longer permitted inside LAKEWOOD CAMPING RESORT. If you have a hot tub and it has been previously approved by LAKEWOOD, you are “grandfathered” in. Kiddie Pools are only allowed when being used. They must be emptied and stored away when not in use.


A. Listing through Lakewood Properties. The sale of a camping unit in LAKEWOOD CAMPING RESORT must be handled, listed and sold only through the LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES sales office. Only “For Sale” signs of LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES may be placed on a lot or in a camping unit. LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES office will handle all paperwork, closing procedures and payment and a 10-percent fee will be charged for all units sold within the campground, No exceptions. All annual lease car & golf cart decals must be returned to the LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES office before any sale or transfer of ownership can be finalized. Once a unit is sold, and the 10% commission taken, a maximum of 14 working days is allowed before closing of sale.

B. Minimum Standards Compliance. Prior to listing a camping unit “For Sale” within the campground, all required improvements to comply with current LAKEWOOD and governmental standards as to appearance, sound construction, color, placement and design must be made by the Lessee. The sales price of a unit must be based on the resale value of the unit, not the location of a unit in the campground. LAKEWOOD reserves the right to appraise a unit to be offered for sale in the campground and approve or disapprove any sales price. LAKEWOOD reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any unit within the campground. All units must be inspected by properties office in order to be put up for sale.
C. Giving/Transferring of a unit to a relative. Sons, Daughters, or Grandchildren; A unit may be given/transferred to a son, daughter, or grandchild if the title is in their name, and the son, daughter, or grandchild is listed on the current lease as such. A one-time one hundred dollar ($100) Administrative Fee and a one-time five hundred dollars, ($500), Closing Cost fee will be charged. Brothers or Sisters; A unit may be given/transferred to a brother or sister with proof of that relation provided. A base transfer fee of one thousand dollars ($1,000), as well as one-time Administrative and Closing Cost fees of one hundred dollars ($100) and five hundred dollars ($500) respectively, will be charged. All Others (In-Laws, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins); A unit may be transferred to any other relative outside of the above listed sons, daughters, grandchildren, sisters, or brothers, with proof of the relation provided. A 10% commission that the unit is listed for, as well as a one-time Administrative Fee of one hundred dollars ($100) and one-time Closing Cost of five hundred dollars ($500) will be charged.
*If the unit is not listed on Lakewood’s sales sheet, a base fee of five thousand dollars ($5,000) will be charged for the transfer.

D. Termination and Approval of Leases. Only upon final approval by LAKEWOOD and the closing of the sale of a camping unit will an existing Lease terminate and a new Lease be made with the prospective purchaser. Please remember that the sale of a camping unit to a third party does not automatically entitle the new owner to lease a lot.

E. Improvements. If improvements to your unit are valued at $500.00 or more, the unit must meet all current FEMA requirements and Horry County codes. Lessee must obtain approval from LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES/ANNUAL LEASE OFFICE by completing a LAKEWOOD PERMIT APPLICATION and be issued a Work Permit by Horry County prior to the start of the improvement.

F. Removal of Units from Park. A unit will not be allowed to be removed from the park until all accounts have been paid in full and the lot cleared, cleaned, and returned to its original state and an “EXIT PERMIT” obtained from the LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES office.


A. Procedure to Obtain a Work Permit. An application must be made for an architectural appearance permit through the LAKEWOOD ANNUAL LEASE office prior to any construction, reconstruction, modifications, or additions of any kind to a lot or camping unit within LAKEWOOD, including constructing a parking area on a lot; regardless of cost. The application must be submitted two weeks prior to the work being done. The Applicant shall complete the required application and provide the specifications and a detailed drawing showing the dimensions of all work together with other information required by LAKEWOOD. An on-site inspection will be made to determine if approval can be granted for the work. If approved, a permit will be issued by LAKEWOOD ANNUAL LEASE, which must be conspicuously displayed on the lot or unit during the time the work is being performed. Upon completion, the permit shall be returned to the LAKEWOOD ANNUAL LEASE office for a final on-site inspection. Please Note: Improvements costing more than $500.00 also require a building permit from Horry County. A copy of the Horry County Building Permit must be provided to the LAKEWOOD ANNUAL LEASE office prior to the beginning of any construction. It shall be the responsibility of the owner to obtain the county permits for work to be done. Anyone performing work without a Permit will be fined and all work must be stopped.



A. Vehicle Decal’s. Lessee will be issued annual vehicle decals for five vehicles at no charge. In no event will more than five decals be issued per site per year. Decals are assigned to specific vehicle and MUST be permanently affixed to the left side of the vehicle windshield, unless state law in Lessee’s state of residence requires otherwise. Decals are not transferable. Unauthorized duplication/use of an annual car pass, as well as, application of duplicated car pass to an unauthorized vehicle are strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of owner’s Annual Lease. Co-owners will be issued no more than five decals total per unit. No exceptions. All names must appear on the title and a copy of that title must be provided to the annual lease office. The co-ownership will not be recognized by Lakewood until the title is received. Upon the sale of a vehicle, the decal should be removed and returned to LAKEWOOD to receive a new replacement decal at no charge. Failure to return decal will result in a $50.00 replacement fee. In the event LAKEWOOD Security confiscates a decal, as authorized in the Rules, a replacement decal may be purchased for $50.00 upon approval from Management. Any registered vehicle is required to have a decal. If decal is lost a replacement decal must be purchased at a $50.00 charge. RFID decals are issued to guests with vehicle decals. RFID decals without the accompanied decal will be cancelled immediately, and privileges will be suspended. Decals will be issued only upon compliance with all of the following provisions:

• Annual Site Lease Agreement signed, completed and on file with LAKEWOOD,
Including; a signed Acknowledgement of the Rules and Regulations form;
• Annual lease paid in full;
• Proof of payment of property taxes on unit;
• Copy of registration for road ready units;
• Proof of valid insurance coverage.
• All vehicle requests must be accompanied by a photo of the vehicle.

B. Driving and Parking. The annual vehicle decal authorizes LAKEWOOD Security and the Electronic RFID Gates to admit you into the resort. However, between the hours of midnight and 7AM driving is restricted in the resort and only travel to and from a site is allowed. No driving around in the resort is allowed during established quiet hours. The speed limit in the resort, unless otherwise posted, is 10 mph. No speeding is allowed. Parking in the resort shall only be in designated areas. No more than two vehicles may be parked on a site at a time and parking on streets or vacant lots (Annual or Transient) is not allowed. Lessee’s vehicles or Lessee’s guests’ vehicles shall only be parked on Lessee’s lot and permission cannot be given to park on other leased or vacant sites (Annual or Transient). Parking on vacant sites (Annual or Transient) or other leased sites will result in a $100.00 fine. Overflow parking is not guaranteed you must see the front desk for availability and register your vehicle. Proof of identification and license plate number is required. A $5.00 per day fee will be charged for all overflow parking passes. People movers or utility vehicles Lakewood Camping Resort deems unacceptable will be issued an overflow parking pass and must be parked in the designated overflow parking area. Overflow parking area is for short term use only and not deemed for long term use.

C. Motorcycles, etc. No motorcycles, mopeds, mini-bikes, electric or gas powered scooters, three-wheeled ATV’s, four-wheeled ATV’s or NEV’s may be driven in the resort, with the following exceptions: Motorcycles may be driven in the resort during specific park authorized events wherein a special permit must be acquired from the registration office. At all other times motorcycles may be trailered to a leased site or it may be parked across from the security building in a designated area. No permanent decals will be issued for motorcycles.

D. Trailers, Boats. All trailers and boats are required to park in the overflow parking lot with the appropriate parking permits.

D. Bicycles, Roller Blades, Skateboards. The use of bicycles, roller blades and skateboards is allowed in the resort, except on sidewalks, lakeside boardwalks, the pool areas, walkways, in the Pavilion area, or any other public areas or walkways. If a bicycle is operated at night it must have front and rear lights and pedal reflectors. Bicycles parked in the public area must be parked only in designated bicycle racks. No electric bicycles are allowed unless pedalassist.

E. Golf Carts. It is a privilege to operate a golf cart within LAKEWOOD and special restriction will apply at all times. All golf carts must be registered with LAKEWOOD ANNUAL LEASE and you can have up to two golf carts for each Annual Lease. Golf carts must be electric, have adequate front and rear lights, be inspected for safety annually, and comply with all other requirements of the resort. All golf carts must maintain liability insurance of at least $100,000 while operating within LAKEWOOD. A copy of the current Certificate of Insurance and a current Safety Inspection must accompany the golf cart registration form. Upon approval, a decal will be issued and must be affixed to the front of the golf cart in a highly visible location. Any golf cart not displaying a current decal is an unauthorized vehicle and will be confiscated. The maximum carrying capacity of the golf cart may not be exceeded. Parking shall only be in designated areas and not on roadways or walkways. All golf cart operators must have a valid driver’s license in their possession while driving within LAKEWOOD; beginner’s or similar temporary permits are not acceptable. Fines will be assessed by the ANNUAL LEASE or security for the following first violations: $100.00 for underage driving, $75.00 for curfew violations, $50.00 for offensive/crude music, $100.00 for dangerous/reckless driving, and $75.00 for any other violations. Second violations will result in revocation of golf cart privileges for the remainder of your lease term. Fines must be paid before the lease is renewed. No water guns or water balloons are to be used while on or operating a golf cart. Any restriction on a driver’s license is applicable in the resort. LAKEWOOD may issue traffic citations for violations of these rules, with fines assessed as set by LAKEWOOD. Habitual violations can result in the suspension of all golf cart privileges and the termination of an annual lease. Golf carts are subject to quiet hours 11pm to 7 am set by LAKEWOOD and are not to be driven throughout the resort after set time. There will be no more than 2 golf carts allowed per site if space allows. Renting of your golf cart to others is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught will lose their golf cart privileges for the remainder of the lease year. No exceptions and no refunds. A picture of all golf carts is required.

F. Violations. All vehicle, golf cart and traffic laws and rules must be obeyed in the resort and may be enforced by LAKEWOOD Management, Security or any other duly empowered law enforcement agency or officer as LAKEWOOD deems necessary. LAKEWOOD may issue traffic citations for violations of these rules, with fines assessed as set by LAKEWOOD. Violation of the resort’s vehicle rules or laws will also be grounds to confiscate a vehicle decal and issue a transient pass with its restrictions. Continued violations may result in termination of an annual lease.


A. No rude or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any lot, or shall anything be done thereon tending to cause embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance or nuisance to the resort. No loud music coming from golf carts, autos or homes at any time. For the safety of all, the discharging of fireworks and/or firearms within LAKEWOOD (including the entire beach area) is strictly prohibited. There shall not be maintained any plants, poultry, livestock or animals (other than authorized household pets) or devices or things of any sort, the normal activities or existence of which is in any way rude, dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant or of any nature as may diminish or destroy the enjoyment of other property in the resort. As LAKEWOOD is a family oriented resort the use of alcoholic beverages within LAKEWOOD is prohibited. Breeding of animals for sale or otherwise is strictly prohibited within Lakewood Camping Resort.

B. No immoral, improper, offensive, or unlawful use shall be made of the property of the resort nor any part thereof; and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction thereof shall be observed. The responsibility of meeting the requirements of governmental bodies which require maintenance modifications or repairs shall be the same as the responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the property concerned.

C. Each and every Lessee shall maintain and repair his property and maintain same in a neat and attractive manner, and no Lessee shall allow his property to jeopardize or adversely affect the overall appearance, safety, and soundness of the entire properties. In the event any camping unit, deck, shed or other improvement on a Lot is extensively damaged by fire or other casualty, the Owner thereof shall be required to repair such damage or clear the Lot within a reasonable period of time. Storage units that are old, rusted or in bad shape must be removed. At any time Lakewood Camping Resort deems, we can request owners to remove all sheds or anything else setting in the 5’ area behind your unit. If a shed is removed because it infringes upon utility lines, the shed may not be put back.

D. No pets or animals of any kind shall be allowed unless first registered with and approved by LAKEWOOD. Only small to medium non-aggressive pets are allowed. No pets are allowed on the walkways, roadways, or parking areas unless on a leash. Pets are not allowed in any public building in the resort nor on the beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Complaints concerning a pet or an owner failing to clean up after a pet may result in the pet not being allowed in the park. The following dogs will not be allowed in the park: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Chow Chows, and Dalmatians. No more than 2 pets per site on a full time basis.


A. Default and Enforcement. In the event of improper conduct as determined by LAKEWOOD or for violation of any of these Rules as they may be amended from time to time, or for a default by Lessee, LAKEWOOD may terminate the Lease and require that the Lessee vacate the resort. All parties voluntarily submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of general jurisdiction, including Summary Court, in Horry County, South Carolina and agree that the venue in all cases brought by or against Lakewood shall be in Horry County. LAKEWOOD shall be entitled to all remedies at law as well as those set forth in the Lease, and additionally shall be entitled to recover all costs of enforcement including reasonable attorney’s fees. The Rules and Lease shall be enforced under and in connection with the laws of the State of South Carolina. Time is of the essence under these rules. If Lessee fails to pay any fines due as a result of a violation, Lakewood reserves the right to refuse to renew lease.

B. No Liability of LAKEWOOD. LAKEWOOD shall not be liable or responsible for fire, theft, loss or damages of any kind to any camping unit, vehicle or any other personal property of Lessee. Neither shall it be liable nor responsible for personal injuries to any person on the premises. The Lessee specifically releases LAKEWOOD, its employees and agents, of all responsibility and liability for such damages or losses and further shall hold LAKEWOOD harmless and indemnify it during the lease term.

C. Amendment. The Rules may be amended at any time by LAKEWOOD and every effort will be made to mail any change to Lessee at the address provided to LAKEWOOD; however, posting the amendment in the campground office and/or printing them in the “Lakewood Map” distributed by LAKEWOOD and/or posting on any/all Lakewood Camping Resort social media account will cause the amendment to be in effect.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance

The undersigned LESSEE of an annual site in LAKEWOOD CAMPING RESORT, INC. hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the current Rules and Regulations for Lakewood Camping Resort and accepts and agrees to abide by the provisions throughout the term of the Lease.


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