Boats and Golf / Recreation Assistant

Qualifications for all positions include the ability to work as a team member within this department AND all other departments, reliable transportation, valid driver’s license with good record, working outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions, walking, sitting or standing for extended periods of time, including pushing, pulling, climbing, bending, or lifting up to 50 pounds. Some positions may require lifting more than 50 pounds. While an individual may be assigned to this particular role, situations may arise which would REQUIRE assistance in other areas or departments.

Reports To: Director of Recreation

Essential Functions of the Job: Ensure that mini golf, bikes and boats and in good condition, fully functional and clean for guests to use. Assist in any and all recreational activities of the campground.

  1. Ensure that mini golf course is in good condition including but not limited to carpet, rails, balls, clubs, lighting, and landscaping
  2. Maintain quality of bikes by performing maintenance including but not limited to tire inflation, chains (rust protection), handlebars (rust protection), seats & frames
  3. Maintain quality of boats and accessories.
  4. Assist guests in all aspects of the operation within the department
  5. Report major issues to supervisor
  6. Use proper customer service etiquette when serving guests
  7. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor


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