Camper Trailer Puller

Camper Trailer Pullers will move campers from storage, set up and tear down and move campers back to storage upon checkout. All campers MUST be placed on site on date of arrival. All pullers are given a Lakewood radio (that will reach most of Myrtle Beach area) that is allowed to be taken home. It is required for pullers to answer radio or cell phone, even after normal business hours, in the event a camper needs to be pulled after hours.


A storage area is assigned to each driver and each driver is responsible for maintaining (to include mowing grass) his assigned storage area when not moving campers. Campers must be stored in numerical order in appropriate storage area. If camper meant to be moved on date of arrival gets missed and is not pulled, it is the responsibility of the puller assigned to that storage area to come back, even if after hours, to move camper for our guest(s). In the event this happens, pullers will be contacted by radio assigned to employee. Pullers will receive a minimum of two hours pay when this occurs.


Damage to camper should not happen but sometimes unforeseen circumstances do lead to some damage. Damage should be kept to a minimum but if this occurs, damage should be reported to manager immediately. Pictures should also be taken of damage incurred and submitted to management.


Expectations for all positions include the ability to follow written and oral instructions in a professional and timely manner, perform general duties on all facilities, infrastructure and common areas, and positively communicate with all guests as well as co-workers. One must have a positive attitude and ability to maintain confidentiality of Company business, be able to work weekends and holidays as deemed necessary by supervisor and must be able to work maintenance/emergency calls on a 24 hour rotation basis as deemed necessary by the supervisor.


For all positions in this department, safety responsibilities are to promote a safe work environment using proper safety equipment, i.e. safety harness, eye protection, gloves, etc., take responsibility for personal safety while carrying out assigned tasks, inform supervisor of any work related injuries, hazards or concerns at time of occurrence and attend safety meetings and weekly briefings as scheduled.


Qualifications for all positions include the ability to work as a team member within this department AND all other departments, reliable transportation, valid driver’s license with good record, working outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions, walking, sitting or standing for extended periods of time, including pushing, pulling, climbing, bending, or lifting up to 50 pounds. Some positions may require lifting more than 50 pounds. While an individual may be assigned to this particular role, situations may arise which would REQUIRE assistance in other areas or departments.

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