Inventory Clerk

Inventory Clerk

Qualifications for all positions include the ability to work as a team member within this department AND all other departments, reliable transportation, valid driver’s license with good record, working outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions, walking, sitting or standing for extended periods of time, including pushing, pulling, climbing, bending, or lifting up to 50 pounds. Some positions may require lifting more than 50 pounds. While an individual may be assigned to this role, situations may arise which would REQUIRE assistance in other areas or departments.

As an essential member of our workforce, your role involves overseeing incoming product deliveries, maintaining accurate inventory records, and actively supporting our efforts to reduce shrinkage. Your responsibilities encompass receiving and inspecting incoming goods, updating inventory databases, conducting regular stock checks, and collaborating across departments to optimize our inventory levels.


•       Receive and verify incoming shipments with precision and efficiency.
•       Uphold quality standards by meticulously inspecting received items for accuracy.
•       Maintain and update inventory records with proficiency using our established systems.







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