Trading Post & Snack Bar

Qualifications for this position include the ability to count/handle money and use a register. One also must be able to stand for extended periods. It is also expected that this person will have dependable transportation to and from work and the ability to lift up to 25 lbs, 40 lbs for stock clerk.

Expectations for this position include becoming familiar with Lakewood Camping Resort, the ability to follow written and oral instructions in a professional and timely manner and perform general duties as assigned by supervisor and/or manager. One must have a positive attitude, excellent customer service skills and have the ability to maintain confidentiality of Company business, be able to work weekends, holidays (All employees are expected to work the week of July 4th.) or overtime as deemed necessary by supervisor. It is important that schedule is followed. Second shift employees are expected to allow extra time to travel to work in order to adhere to schedule.

Appearance is important. Lakewood will provide polo shirts and it is required that navy or khaki shorts (at least 6” inseam) be worn to complete the uniform. Long hair must be pulled back at all times. Only closed toe shoes will be allowed with the uniform.

All employees in the Trading Post will be cross trained in all areas.


Duties and responsibilities for the snack bar include greeting all customers as they come in, the ability to move quickly and efficiently when taking orders or preparing food or ice cream orders. This person will also be expected to clean work area, make sure area stays stocked, all napkin holders, including those on tables, are filled and salt and pepper shakers replaced when empty. All work stations and food prep areas are to be cleaned and sanitized per DHEC regulations. At the end of shift, it is expected that work areas and food prep area have been restocked, cleaned and dishes washed for arrival of next shift.

For those employees handling food and/or ice cream, it is imperative that food gloves be worn at all times and that food is labeled, rotated, dated and stored per manager guidelines and DHEC regulations.


Duties and responsibilities include qualifications and expectations above as well as keeping shelves dusted and re-stocking items as deemed necessary

It is also the responsibility of every Trading Post employee to sweep, mop and vacuum the floors when deemed necessary as well as wipe down tables and empty trash cans (if stock clerk is unable to empty trash) as necessary.

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