Don’t Get Blown Away: Umbrella Safety on Horry County Beaches

One of the most common questions we’re asked each year is what kind of shading devices are allowed on the beach. Horry County Government has very specific rules when it comes to how you can set up a shady place on the sand.

Not Allowed:

Beachgoers should also know the placement of their permitted shade is also important. Those blocking the lifeguard’s view may need to be moved.

For the safety of all beachgoers, all shading devices must also be secured.

In May, the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) released a new safety standard for anchoring down those umbrellas.

Through testing, the ASTM found the safest method is installing the umbrella with an anchor system tilted at a 20-degree angle with 75 pounds of resistance. These standards can help the umbrella withstand winds up to 30 miles per hour.

Along with staying hydrated and applying SPF, securing your umbrella in the sand correctly is pivotal to a safe beach day for all.

Myrtle Beach’s WMBF News took a deeper look at the recommendations. Click here to see their full report. 

While this safety standard is a suggestion and not an official beach rule, it is strongly recommended. A strong gust of wind can quickly turn an umbrella into a weapon flying down the beach. Let’s do our part to make sure everyone has a fun and safe day at the beach by making sure those umbrellas stay in the sand.

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