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Minimum 4 night stay required mid-May through Labor Day

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Lakewood is an All-Inclusive Resort. Meaning, that once you’re here, you can do everything from playing in our Water Park and Pools, to exploring our almost 300 acres on a bicycle, to watching the live shows in our oceanfront Amphitheater – all at no additional cost.

Of course, food, souvenirs, gear, etc… are things you will have to pay for. But, the thing we love about All-Inclusive Resorts is the ability to not have to carry around cash, or cards for those things. To not have to dole out money to our children, who will be off having adventures away from us, but might need to buy something to eat.

We’ve come up with a way to make both of these things, using all of our Resort Amenities and paying for the stuff you need to pay for, easy and convenient – Our Play & Pay Wristband system!

Our wristbands are made of comfortable, lightweight, stretchable neoprene, and use RFID technology to allow you to access all the free activities we have here at Lakewood. Your wristband also acts as your WALLET, allowing you and your family to enjoy a completely cashless experience. You can use them to pay for everything around the park, from food and drinks, to essential gear, to souvenirs.

You can load money onto each of your family’s wristbands, either during the reservation process, at any of the Wristband Kiosk scattered around the Resort, or most conveniently from you Cell Phone, Tablet, or Computer using our new MyLakewood Guest Portal. Not only can you load money onto each wristband via the Portal, but you can transfer money back and forth between wristbands, and see where, how much, and on what, yours and family’s wristbands are being used around the Resort.

Now, all you need to enjoy your time at Lakewood is your Play & Pay Wristband! (And your bathing suit, of course. I mean, please, at least wear a bathing suit – we are a family resort, after all!)

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