Want to bypass the lines coming into Lakewood, and at the check-n counter? No problem! Our Pre-Registration  Check-in process is your ticket to getting started with your vacation as fast as possible. Pre-Registration will allow you to speed through the check-in process by letting you provide the data we normally collect at the Front Desk when you get here.

Here’s the way it works. Two weeks prior to your check-in date, you’ll receive an email from Lakewood with the subject line, “Pre Check-in Reminder”. In this email, you’ll see a greeting from Lakewood, along with a brief explanation about what will happen during Pre-Registration; and at the bottom, you’ll see a link to begin the Pre Check-in Process.

When you click that link, you’ll be taken to our MyLakewood Guest Portal, where you’ll either sign in (If you already have an account), or create a new account if you are a New User. Then you’ll be walked through the steps of confirming your check-in dates and party information, as well as reviewing our resort policies. You’ll be asked to confirm you have read and understand our policies and then hit the submit and continue button.

That’s it!