Spend your summer at Lakewood!

Looking for a fun way to spend your summer while making some cash? Lakewood Camping Resort is the place to be! Right now, we’re working to fill various positions in departments across the resort.

We’re looking for energetic teammates of all ages with outgoing personalities willing to work flexible schedules & have a high tolerance for the summer temperatures.

Lakewood Camping Resort is proud to offer competitive pay. And, when Lakewood employees aren’t on the clock, they have the ability to enjoy all of our oceanfront amenities with family & friends! It’s just an added perk of working where people vacation!

If you see something you’re interested in below just click here to apply online. If you have questions just reach out to Lakewood Camping Resort’s Human Resources Director, Stacy Barfield, at [email protected] or by calling 843-447-7311.


Front Desk 

We are looking for pleasant front office clerks to undertake all registration, receptionist, and clerical duties at the front office. You will be the “face of the company for all visitors/guests and will be responsible for one of the many first impressions we make.

Ideal candidates will need to have friendly easy going personalities while also being very perceptive and disciplined. You should be able to deal with complaints and give accurate information. A customer oriented approach is essential.

The goal is to make all guest and visitors feel comfortable and valued while at the resort.

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Duties and responsibilities for this position include inspecting vacated sites for and removing large rocks, sticks, branches, trash and other debris; ensuring site is level, no ruts; mowing and trimming site; check electric in pedestal, water riser, and cable and call Quality Control Manager if not working properly; ensuring site marker is in place, ensuring picnic table is in proper place; sign and post inspection tag, trimming common areas within assigned zone, trim occupied sites as required, patrolling assigned zone for trash ensuring that assigned zone is quality compliant. Duties for this position also include hosing down the outside of buildings as directed; blowing off designated beach front areas; emptying trash cans around Information Center area; picking up trash ocean front from Information Center to Swash; ensuring picnic tables and umbrellas are in proper order along ocean front and ensuring cleanliness and functionality of basketball courts, volleyball courts, playground, shuffle board and bocce ball courts. This person will also be expected to perform other duties as directed by the Operations Manager or Maintenance Supervisor.

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Duties and responsibilities for the snack bar include greeting all customers as they come in, the ability to move quickly and efficiently when taking orders or preparing food or ice cream orders. This person will also be expected to clean work area, make sure area stays stocked, all napkin holders, including those on tables, are filled and salt and pepper shakers replaced when empty. All work stations and food prep areas are to be cleaned and sanitized per DHEC regulations. At the end of shift, it is expected that work areas and food prep area have been restocked, cleaned and dishes washed for arrival of next shift.

For those employees handling food and/or ice cream, it is imperative that food gloves be worn at all times and that food is labeled, rotated, dated and stored per manager guidelines and DHEC regulations.


Duties and responsibilities include qualifications and expectations above as well as keeping shelves dusted and re-stocking items as deemed necessary

It is also the responsibility of every Trading Post employee to sweep, mop and vacuum the floors when deemed necessary as well as wipe down tables and empty trash cans (if stock clerk is unable to empty trash) as necessary.

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• Greeting customers in a friendly manner and taking food and drink orders
• Preparing and serving beverages, ranging from simple to elaborate ones
• Preparing and serving food items such as soups, sandwiches and pastries
• Answering customers’ questions about menu choices
• Promoting and recommending menu options to customers
• Taking payment from customers
• Maintaining inventory and equipment by cleaning, troubleshooting and scheduling repairs
• Keeping the work environment sanitary and organized
• Evaluating and modifying processes to improve efficiency and quality of service

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Information Center/ Recreation

Information Center Duties and responsibilities for this position include having a knowledge of our resort and the Grand Strand to help guests during their stay, ticket sales, equipment rental, event preparation, moving tables and chairs as deemed necessary for certain events, cleaning, crafts, games and lifting up to 25lbs and most importantly, answer guests questions and concerns in a professional and friendly manner.

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Boats & Golf

Essential Functions of the Job: Ensure that mini golf, bikes and boats and in good condition, fully functional and clean for guests to use. Assist in any and all recreational activities of the campground.

  1. Ensure that mini golf course is in good condition including but not limited to carpet, rails, balls, clubs, lighting, and landscaping
  2. Maintain quality of bikes by performing maintenance including but not limited to tire inflation, chains (rust protection), handlebars (rust protection), seats & frames
  3. Maintain quality of boats and accessories.
  4. Assist guests in all aspects of the operation within the department
  5. Report major issues to supervisor
  6. Use proper customer service etiquette when serving guests
  7. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor

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Duties and Responsibilities are to ensure the health, safety and well-being of Lakewood’s guests, politely enforce all aquatic area rules and policies, provide first aid and emergency medical aid to guests in a timely and professional manner, follow all required safety procedures and maintain all lifeguard and safety equipment and supplies.

To Qualify for Lifeguard, this person must be at least 16 years old and meet physical requirements for lifeguard certification (Provided by Lakewood Camping Resort). To become certified, one must be able to swim 300 yards continuously, tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs and complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds.

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Lakewood Camping Resort is an Equal Opportunity Employer of all qualified individuals, including minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. 

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