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Annual Lease

Guests purchasing a permanent or vacation home enter into an annual lease agreement upon completion of the sales transaction. All annual leases at the discretion of Lakewood Camping Resort renew on a calendar basis beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.

2024 Annual Lease Rates

Premier Ocean-view




Block Two/MHP Creek
Block Three &

Crater Lake Interior & MHP

Buccaneer BayCrater Lake Front
Creek, HorseshoeEntranceSeascape

*FR – front & raised, *FNR – front not raised, *RNF – raised not front

All annual lease rates include the issuance of seven (7) wristbands for access to all the amenities at the Resort. Trash pick-up, Spectrum Bronze Tier Digital Cable (2 free of charge receivers), and wireless internet (Spectrum Modem and Router included). Three vehicle decals and one golf cart decal. Additional decals may be purchased.

Our Annual Lease office makes the renewal process for the upcoming year extremely easy for our residents. Residents receive a packet containing their lease, rules and regulations, and pertinent forms necessary for renewal. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 !!!

  1. Complete forms
  2. Sign documents
  3. Return with payment.

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