A Lot More Than Just Camping

Hans Christian Anderson said, “To travel is to live.” We believe that there is no better way to feel alive through travel, than to be on the open road. To feel the pavement racing beneath you. To not just go somewhere, but journey somewhere. To experience all of what we like to call, “the middle” that exist between where you left, and where you are going.

RVing is the best way to embrace this way of feeling alive, and experiencing “the middle”. You’re not just going somewhere, you are seeking out all the lands, the lives, and the souls that you’ll meet along the way. And when you do get to where you are going, you’ll be richer for having gotten there this way.

And, of course, what is truly incredible, is that when you do get to where you are going, the journey is not over… Because once you get here, to Lakewood, you become a part of something special. A part of a unique culture – Camping Culture. And no one does Camping Culture better than Lakewood Camping Resort!

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