RV Storage

Annual Storage is a great option for guests who have made Lakewood their yearly, monthly, or weekly tradition. It is super convenient, economical, and time saving. You simply leave your RV in our secured, fenced, and locked storage area. Then, when you are ready to visit, you call, make a reservation, and ask the reservationist to pull your RV to your site before you get here. That’s it! When you get here, your RV will be waiting for you at your site. There is no additional cost for pulling your RV to your site.

Of course, if you want even more convenience, you can opt for our Set-up Service, Tear Down Service, and Winterizing Service. Each service can be purchased separately, or you can combine the set-up and teardown service upfront and get a discounted rate. When you choose the setup service, your RV will be pulled to your site, leveled, and hooked up before you arrive. All you will have to do is park, unload your vehicle, and start relaxing.

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Services Offered:

Annual Storage Rate  for 2024: $1,100.00 + $100 Administration Fee (Runs January to January)

Set up Service: $65 per set up

Tear Down Service: $65 per teardown

Combined Set up & Tear down Service: $110 ($20 savings!)

Winterizing Service:

Annual Storage Personal Golf Car Fee:  $800

Contact Amanda Ariola to arrange for RV Storage.
Phone: 843-447-7700
or Email us here »

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