Sports Venues

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball was first played in 1915 in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. More than one hundred years later, it is one of the favorite activities here at Lakewood. Nestled right up against the dunes, our two beachfront courts are ready for your passes, spikes, aces, and kills.


Basketball is a home-grown American sport played by more than 250 million people around the world. And frankly, there is no better way to play, than outside and oceanfront! We have two beautiful half courts right on the beach!


The game of horseshoes actually dates all the way back to the second century Greeks, but the modern game we know and love today was developed in Kansas in 1910. If you’ve never played, you should try out one of our two regulation courts – It’s harder than you think, but also much more fun than you expect.


Whether you call it cornhole, backyard toss, baggo, bags, corn toss, or hillbilly horseshoes, this game is addicting! There are a lot of different claims about the origin of it, which might account for all the different names. Of course, whatever you like to call it, you’ll enjoy playing on our three manicured courts.

Bocce Ball

Horseshoes might date back to the second century Greeks, but Bocce dates back even further, to the Egyptians as early as 5000 BC!!! It was later refined by the Roman Empire, and developed into it’s modern day state in Italy. Here in the Americas, Bocce has a rich history as it was brought over by Italian migrants. Today, it is a popular sport with all ages, played on lawns and beaches everywhere. It’s a game made even more fun here at Lakewood with our two beautiful, beachside professional courts!


Original Shuffleboard is actually played on a shuffleboard table, and originally used coins. It dates back to 15th century England, and often involved gambling in pubs. It was extremely popular during the Civil War here in the states, but really had it’s heyday during the 1950’s and ’60’s. Our version is the very popular Deck Shuffleboard which is a very large “Floor” version and uses Cues to push the weighted disk down the court. Our two regulation, professional courts sit right up against the dunes, and are a favorite game among all of our guests.


We know how hard it is to stay focused on our exercise routines when we are on vacation. We want to eat, drink, play, and relax. Recreation, in all it’s forms, defines how we want to spend our time away from our regular lives of work, bills, and the pressures of life. But, we all know how those indulgences can affect our bodies, and our exercise routines. It’s much harder to start back up again, after taking time off. Just a few minutes a day, or even just a few days, can be enough to keep us on track. So, Lakewood has installed a small gym, for those of us who don’t want to disrupt our normal workout routines (too much…).

The Beach

There is no better, nor bigger sports venue than The Beach! Surfing, Paddle-Boarding, Boogie-Boarding, Skim-Boarding, Frisbee, Football, Paddle-Ball, Baseball, etc. The list is endless! And our half mile of beach is all the sandy playground you could wish for…