The Lifestyle

Camping Culture is the most unique form of travel you’ll ever experience. It is the only form of travel that truly encourages you to interact with other travelers. Think of it this way… When we stay in a hotel, we check in and then head to the elevator. When we get inside, we immediately start praying that no one is going to get on the elevator with us. And, if they do, we avoid eye contact and ignore each other. Then, when we exit the elevator, we walk down the hall and ignore the other people who may be walking down the hall as well. We then go inside and lock ourselves away in our rooms. Of course, we’ll go out and see the sights of wherever we are visiting, but then, we’ll come back and hide away in our rooms again, until the next day. However, the culture of camping is different… When we are camping, we wake up in the morning, we make our cup of coffee, we fling open the door to our RV or camper, and we stand in the doorway… in our pajamas… breathing in the fresh air! Then, we look up, and not ten feet away from us, standing directly in front of us, also in the doorway of their camper or RV, and also in their pajamas, holding their own cup of coffee, is our neighbor. Our neighbor, whom we have probably never met before. And yet, we say, “Morning neighbor. Beautiful day isn’t it?”, and they say, “Sure is, neighbor!”. And we share a smile, and a sigh of how wonderfully rich our lives feel. There is a comfortability that exist between people who travel this way.

Camping Culture is interacting with people, every day, who want to be a part of the journey, not just the destination… It was once said that “everywhere you go becomes a part of you somehow”. Our hope is that Lakewood will become a part of you somehow, and that you’ll take a piece of what you experience here, back with you. But, our bigger hope, is that you’ll leave a small piece of yourselves here with us. That a part of your soul will stay here, and contribute to the energy that envelopes this place, and will one day draw you back to us…

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