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As the owners of Lakewood Camping Resort, we are a very blessed and fortunate family. We believe those blessings stem from our faith in, and commitment to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. In the early days of Lakewood, our founder, Carl Perry, would often show up to our amphitheater on Sundays, and give his testimony to our guests. He hoped to inspire people who weren’t saved, by sharing with them that it was by God’s grace that he was able to build this place, that has brought so much joy to so many people.

We, the descendants of Carl and Marion Perry, have carried on the tradition of sharing God’s message for the past sixty years, and will continue to do so for as long as God blesses us with the opportunity.

In 1972, in an effort to really harness the opportunities the Resort holds, Lakewood created Lakewood Campground Ministry. LCM is a non-profit, year-round ministry organization, committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

LCM offers Christian based programs for your whole family to enjoy; and all against the beautiful backdrop of all of God’s amazing nature! The magnificent Atlantic ocean, the tranquil lakes, the majestic live oaks and dignified pines, and all of the awe-inspiring wildlife.

So, whether you are seeking a deeper spiritual walk through Bible study, praise and worship, or developing a deeper relationship with friends and family; LCM offers something for everyone.

Some of the specific offerings are: Adult Bible Study, Kids Klub (VBS), youth and Middle school bible studies, weekly Gospel Concerts (peak season), regular weekly services, and so much more. For dates and times of our Ministry events, visit the Lakewood Event Calendar or download the Lakewood Camping Resort app. 

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